Epic Alternative Energy!

The inner humanitarian and ecologist in my has always wanted to dispose of the way we use fossil fuels to generate the electricity and power of this world, and even now, I am working on an innovation project to promote clean energy. I was searching through some news one day and I found this unbelievable prototype in technology known as the microbial fuel cell (MFC).



So pretty much how this works is that bacteria are placed into a film and into a container, which then is pumped with waste water (generally sewage), and special bacteria that generates electricity which uses the biomass within the sewage as food. After that, they transfer the electricity generated into a anode which transfers the electricity to the cathode to complete the circuit. Out of this, we get clean water and electricity for pretty much free, seeing as the bacteria will never die with their supply of sewage which contains both food and water for them. This is what the prototype looks like.


Sewage treatment facilities are beginning to use this technology to clean out their wastes more easily and generate electricity while they’re at it. Other research combines this with solar electricity to create electrolysis machines that continuously separate water to create oxygen and hydrogen. This makes hydrogen a lot more cheaper to make as the electricity cost to create hydrogen fuel cells was far too inefficient to be viable.


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