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So I take it that you all know what Area 51 is, the alleged “hotspot” for UFO and alien sightings. Well I just recently remembered something that you guys may or may not already know, but the information has been declassified to the general public. Read the rest of this entry


Epic Alternative Energy!

The inner humanitarian and ecologist in my has always wanted to dispose of the way we use fossil fuels to generate the electricity and power of this world, and even now, I am working on an innovation project to promote clean energy. I was searching through some news one day and I found this unbelievable prototype in technology known as the microbial fuel cell (MFC).


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Bio Refrigerator – Sci-Fi designs coming to life

So a while ago, I stumbled upon this awesome design and concept of a refrigerator, and I recently remembered it while thinking about the energy problems of the world.

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A real “Oh Mah Gah”

What could this be?

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Hi, my name is Brandon Huynh and in this blog, I will be posting various articles, opinions, and videos of things that I find to be interesting. These will range from the latest technologies to something that I found on vacation, and much more. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it. To start, I will show you a video of something I found to be awesome a few years back.