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Now you see me… NOW YOU DON’T????

So right now we have a few methods to help us become unseen, that being just the normal camouflage which relies on the inability of others to detect differences in the environment, and we also have a more technological advancement which projects a picture from behind to the front, therefore mimicking invisibility. HOWEVER! Scientists have become even more awesome than I thought that they could have become and have created a new method of invisibility which cancels out light itself, therefore canceling any light waves that could create an image. Read the rest of this entry


Just some food for thought.

Have you guys ever just blanked out? Wondering weird things that most likely wouldn’t matter in your life? However, this is a common occurrence for me and sometimes I just feel like a philosopher.


Hey, what color is that rose? Red right? But what is red? Define red. What if the red I’m seeing is a different red from what you’re seeing? What if my red is your blue, and my blue is your red? This is just a basic one though, and can probably be disproved by science. However, It was something that I’d thought of when I was eight. Eight. Is that a time for philosophical thought?

Anyway, the point I’m trying to get across is that many people just live through their lives carelessly, which is not necessarily bad, but maybe by thinking about things like this, and opening our minds, we may be able to have a different outlook on life. In class right now, I’m trying desperately to analyze some words written by Charles Dickens, but I just can’t figure out the inner machinations of his mind. So I guess I just got lazy and thought, “maybe that’s not what Dickens was thinking at all, maybe its just coincidental that he wrote this masterpiece.” Kind of ridiculous, but it could be true, you never know. Anyway, thanks for reading guys, I hope this post helped you kick-start your mind!

Live Forever Clean!

Well, ever find yourself in need of a fort to hide from that zombie apocalypse? Well look no further, not only are these houses completely sustainable, they can be made from anything you see lying around!  Read the rest of this entry