Bio Refrigerator – Sci-Fi designs coming to life

So a while ago, I stumbled upon this awesome design and concept of a refrigerator, and I recently remembered it while thinking about the energy problems of the world.

This is the original designer of the gel refrigerator, Yuriy Dmitriev, who designed this for the 2012 Electrolux competition.

However there are no “real plans” for this refrigerator as it was simply a design that the student made. It is supposed to cool with bio robots in the gel that use luminescence, light generated in cold temperature to keep the gel cool. However, not only does this design look incredibly cool, it is also supposed to be zero energy. However if this were to really become reality, it would cut down our energy usage by 8% in common households, and create a much more space efficient fridge. On top of that, it would be taking a huge step toward the future, creating singular pockets to cool our food and other objects.

Though this design is not technically viable, there is indeed another refrigerator that is, designed by a student in New Zealand. More on this can be found hereĀ


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