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More Epic Electricity

Our body works by deconstructing food into energy, that’s why we eat food. Well this amazing process has now slightly been replicated in the lab as scientists have found a way to decompose almost any biomass into energy!

By John Toon in Georgia Tech

By John Toon in Georgia Tech

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Saving the world!


I had this project back in World Geography Honors, where i researched biofuels man, what a way to save the world! Have we talked about biofuels at all in this blog?  I don’t really remember, but there’s one thing for sure. I love saving the environment and scientists have recently discovered a way to make biofuel production costs by quite a bit. Read the rest of this entry

Live Forever Clean!

Well, ever find yourself in need of a fort to hide from that zombie apocalypse? Well look no further, not only are these houses completely sustainable, they can be made from anything you see lying around!  Read the rest of this entry

Epic Alternative Energy!

The inner humanitarian and ecologist in my has always wanted to dispose of the way we use fossil fuels to generate the electricity and power of this world, and even now, I am working on an innovation project to promote clean energy. I was searching through some news one day and I found this unbelievable prototype in technology known as the microbial fuel cell (MFC).


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Bio Refrigerator – Sci-Fi designs coming to life

So a while ago, I stumbled upon this awesome design and concept of a refrigerator, and I recently remembered it while thinking about the energy problems of the world.

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