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Church of the Damned

Haha not really, but it sounds cool doesn’t it? This church is known as the Cemetary Church of All Saints.

A2 Sedlec Ossuary This church is found in the Czech Republic, in Sedlec. Underneath all this church is the final burial grounds of thousands of unknown peoples, known as the Ossuary of Sedlec. Read the rest of this entry


Another amazing sight

PhytoplanktonIncredible right? That’s the edge of a crashing tide upon one of the many beaches of the Maldive Islands. It’s simply illuminating, like the countless amazing projects being carried out by our school.

However, there is a science behind it. It’s caused by the millions of tiny little plankton/algae that have a biomechanic which allows only particles of light to pass through their bodies as a warning to other creatures, as these little microbes produce harmful toxins. Read the rest of this entry


I am quite a fan of horror as I enjoy playing several horror games and watching plenty of horror movies. But let’s be real now. Literally.

by bachus99 on DeviantArt

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The dark blue depths

Isn’t water great? We drink it, swim in it, and use it for a bunch of other things. So let’s talk about that second thing we do with it; swim. What you see in this picture is a view looking up from the depths of Nemo 33, the deepest indoor pool in the world.¬† Read the rest of this entry

The white snowy wasteland

Beautiful isn’t it? SUGOI as the japanese would say. Anyway, who knew that a place like Antarctica could have breathtaking rivers like this? A beautiful turquoise flow of water exists in several places on this continent, and little did we know, other land forms reminiscent of our own exists here as well. Read the rest of this entry

A real “Oh Mah Gah”

What could this be?

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