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Indoctrination at its finest!

Okay, well you can indoctrinate yourself? To learn something sort of useful! Yay! Ha, ha. Okay let’s move on.

So, science went to work again and did something super cool. Someone designed a prototype glove that vibrates onto your handle seemingly randomly while you do something.

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More Immortality?

Okay guys, this time we’re going to make PEOPLE live forever. In our hearts. Nah, I’m just kidding let’s talk about something cool today.

So, like the science geek I am, I’m here to tell you that a certain scientist (Wouter De Haes), discovered that one of the world’s most widely used diabetic medication also slow down aging and increases lifespan. You learn something new everyday, right?

Antidiabetic drugs

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A lot of things are “immortal,” like Einstein or Elvis who have been immortalized with something they were known for. But today, we got ourselves a really real immortal fella. What is known as the immortal jellyfish, turritopsis dohrnii, is biologically immortal.

Bam jelly!

So what it does is that once it reaches the end of its lifetime, the jellyfish reverts back to its polyp state. That means that it goes back to its first stage of life, so that it can grow back into an adult again. So long as the little jelly isn’t eaten, it lives forever. Oh yeah, lobsters aren’t immortal if you guys saw that rumor laying around anywhere.


Have you ever that yawning has yet to be scientifically explained? WELL NOT ANYMORE!!! Today, scientists cracked the code of the mythical yawn. As you all may very well know (I’m talking to those late night studying students or workaholics) yawning is associated with sleep or boredom. However, you may not know that yawning may also be done in the anticipation of important things or stress. And I’m just here to say that some people think that yawning takes in more oxygen, however that is quite untrue.

A PUPPY yawning.

OKAY. The new part is that scientists have performed research which points towards the belief that yawning is to “cool” the brain. Basically, taking that huge gulp of air helps to regulate the temperature in your brain. Scientists also discovered a pattern which supports this hypothesis. They did their research in Arizona and Vienna, where scientists recorded the amount of people yawning in the summer and winter. It turns out that yawning occurred much more frequently in temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius. This then shows that people tend to yawn in certain temperatures. I never really noticed it myself, but I do tend to yawn a lot more in than winter than when I’m kicking my sheets around on a hot summer night.


Sorry, I haven’t been posting for a while now, but now that spring break is over, I am ready to spring back into action!

So as you can see in this title, this post will be about regeneration. And if you know me, we will go about this topic scientifically.

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I’ve been watching quite a bit of Brain Games lately, on National Geographic. That is some wacky trippy stuff man!

Brain Games, hosted by Jason Silva

Brain Games, hosted by Jason Silva

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MEAT, WHY?????


I… AM A MEAT LOVER. And upon finding this research article, my heart was broken into thousands of pieces and tossed into filth to rot. THESE WINGS. They look delicious, do they not? (Get out of here vegetarians, you don’t need to worry about this) Well, a study that has been going on for about 20 years has recorded a 2-4 times greater chance in dying from cancer if you are using a high-protein diet.¬† Read the rest of this entry

More Epic Electricity

Our body works by deconstructing food into energy, that’s why we eat food. Well this amazing process has now slightly been replicated in the lab as scientists have found a way to decompose almost any biomass into energy!

By John Toon in Georgia Tech

By John Toon in Georgia Tech

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Church of the Damned

Haha not really, but it sounds cool doesn’t it? This church is known as the Cemetary Church of All Saints.

A2 Sedlec Ossuary This church is found in the Czech Republic, in Sedlec. Underneath all this church is the final burial grounds of thousands of unknown peoples, known as the Ossuary of Sedlec. Read the rest of this entry

Another amazing sight

PhytoplanktonIncredible right? That’s the edge of a crashing tide upon one of the many beaches of the Maldive Islands. It’s simply illuminating, like the countless amazing projects being carried out by our school.

However, there is a science behind it. It’s caused by the millions of tiny little plankton/algae that have a biomechanic which allows only particles of light to pass through their bodies as a warning to other creatures, as these little microbes produce harmful toxins. Read the rest of this entry