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I’ve been watching quite a bit of Brain Games lately, on National Geographic. That is some wacky trippy stuff man!

Brain Games, hosted by Jason Silva

Brain Games, hosted by Jason Silva

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Do you even lift bro? Well not as much as these things!


Photo creds to Jeremy Hsu, this is an image of the artificial muscle

Oh mah gah. This world. So science is at it again, and today some random people just decided to bundle some fishing wire with thread and ended up creating an artificial muscle fiber that can potentially be 100 times stronger than our own muscles. THINK ABOUT THE POSSIBILITIES! Read the rest of this entry


Hi, my name is Brandon Huynh and in this blog, I will be posting various articles, opinions, and videos of things that I find to be interesting. These will range from the latest technologies to something that I found on vacation, and much more. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it. To start, I will show you a video of something I found to be awesome a few years back.