More Immortality?

Okay guys, this time we’re going to make PEOPLE live forever. In our hearts. Nah, I’m just kidding let’s talk about something cool today.

So, like the science geek I am, I’m here to tell you that a certain scientist (Wouter De Haes), discovered that one of the world’s most widely used diabetic medication also slow down aging and increases lifespan. You learn something new everyday, right?

Antidiabetic drugs

Who would’ve guessed? Scientists will test anything out, but that’s good for us. So basically how this works is that the drugs increase a release in “harmful oxygen” molecules released in cellular mitochondria.

Wait a minute! We thought that these oxygen molecules are the reason we age, and that’s why we take antioxidants! Well I’m confused too, but apparently, as long as these oxygen molecules stay in relatively amounts, it increases cellular lifespan and health.

That’s all we got for now folks! Thanks for reading!


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