MEAT, WHY?????


I… AM A MEAT LOVER. And upon finding this research article, my heart was broken into thousands of pieces and tossed into filth to rot. THESE WINGS. They look delicious, do they not? (Get out of here vegetarians, you don’t need to worry about this) Well, a study that has been going on for about 20 years has recorded a 2-4 times greater chance in dying from cancer if you are using a high-protein diet. 


I want to cry. I really do. It’s a struggle between delicious meat and living longer. WHAT IS LIFE IF IT IS NOT ENJOYABLE!? There is a kind-of plus side to this though. It has been found that eating a high protein diet (20% calories from protein or higher) is hugely detrimental to your health during your middle ages, but after 65, eating moderate to high protein helps out, by promoting growth hormones. So I guess I’ll just cry my days out until im 65. Thanks for reading!


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