Do you even lift bro? Well not as much as these things!


Photo creds to Jeremy Hsu, this is an image of the artificial muscle

Oh mah gah. This world. So science is at it again, and today some random people just decided to bundle some fishing wire with thread and ended up creating an artificial muscle fiber that can potentially be 100 times stronger than our own muscles. THINK ABOUT THE POSSIBILITIES!



So as you can see these muscles work essentially the same way our muscles do except that while our muscles can reach a maximum constriction of 20% of their length, these artificial muscles can contract 50% of their size. They can contract with electrical pulses and heat (ex: running wires through the bundles of fibers).

Boy, this fulfills so many fantasies, like exosuits (iron man, crysis, etc) and more practically, prosthetic limbs. Imagine if they had this stuff in the 1900s! 


In actuality, this stuff really will replace so many things though. The power of motors are extremely limited especially with a small size, so these things can pump out so much more efficient power when compared to something like a spinning motor. 


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