More Epic Electricity

Our body works by deconstructing food into energy, that’s why we eat food. Well this amazing process has now slightly been replicated in the lab as scientists have found a way to decompose almost any biomass into energy!

By John Toon in Georgia Tech

By John Toon in Georgia Tech

This is simply amazing, just like a Tedx that we saw in class today where a high school student developed a method of detecting pancreatic cancer in an incredibly cheap way with accurate results. Anyway, this process is still relatively new as the project still has several problems that needs to be troubleshooted. You see, biomass is held together with carbon bonds, and is extremely difficult to break with inorganic means. So scientists put microbes and enzymes  to break down the biomass. But first, the biomass, say some crackers or chicken trimmings, is mixed with a polyoxometalate solution in order to be changed into energy. FINALLY, it needs to be heated somehow, with sunlight being just enough for the process to react. In the early stages of this project, scientists have been able to attain a maximum output of 0.72 milliwatts per square inch. PRETTY DARN GOOD considering they say that its 100 times better than some other known projects.



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