Church of the Damned

Haha not really, but it sounds cool doesn’t it? This church is known as the Cemetary Church of All Saints.

A2 Sedlec Ossuary This church is found in the Czech Republic, in Sedlec. Underneath all this church is the final burial grounds of thousands of unknown peoples, known as the Ossuary of Sedlec.


The area is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the Czech Republic with around 200,000 visitors per year. These morbid artworks are constructed from the bones of the masses of unknowns who died from the plague in the 14th century. The bones were retrieved from the mass burial graves as there was no time for individual graves back then.

Thing Honestly, really beautiful, but it’s also terrible how these works of art were created. Imagine, all of these things were living, breathing, people at one point in time. Beautiful, yet horrible. Twisted, yet amazing. Such a thought provoking place would be on my list for the top places I would like to visit before I died. This is much like the wars we are beginning to discuss in class, however wars are not beautiful. Thing


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  1. Wow. You’ve just reminded me of how much I want to visit “The Bone Church.”
    And though you say it is “horrible” (albeit beautiful), I have to disagree with that aspect. I see this as a great honor to those who died such an awful death. They are literally built into the walls and architecture of this cathedral, a spectacular and mildly chilling display of the structure of both humanity and this church. The literal “body of the church” built on the bones of the unfortunate, honored here until to dust they return.

    Thank you for your use of images. They are particularly wonderful and show a good amount of detail.
    Curious to know if this is a place you’d like to visit?
    Tell me more~

    • Thanks for asking, actually, I would love to visit a place like this! I thoroughly enjoy macabre things like this, be it in a horror movie, or visiting a spooky location. I just hope I don’t bring a ghost back home with me!

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