Another amazing sight

PhytoplanktonIncredible right? That’s the edge of a crashing tide upon one of the many beaches of the Maldive Islands. It’s simply illuminating, like the countless amazing projects being carried out by our school.

However, there is a science behind it. It’s caused by the millions of tiny little plankton/algae that have a biomechanic which allows only particles of light to pass through their bodies as a warning to other creatures, as these little microbes produce harmful toxins.


I personally find this to be extremely interesting as it is both beautiful and thought-captivating. Why is something created for a natural, biomechanical reason, also something simply so beautiful? We can see this in countless other natural wonders and creatures.

More breathtaking photos and information on this can be found here.


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  1. wow what a cool sight 8/10 might look at again

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