The dark blue depths

Isn’t water great? We drink it, swim in it, and use it for a bunch of other things. So let’s talk about that second thing we do with it; swim. What you see in this picture is a view looking up from the depths of Nemo 33, the deepest indoor pool in the world. 

If you’re wondering, this place is located in Brussels, Belgium and what you see here is a view from above the pool. Those windows are to allow people to see into the pool without actually entering those depths, while the people in the depths can look out into the facilities. Essentially there are loads of simulated caves that look like rooms and a huge 113 ft deep hole. About 2.8 million liters of fresh spring water is hosted within the pool and allows swimmers to truly feel like they are swimming in the depths with a futuristic twist. 

Reminds me of English class right now; delving into the depths of life rather than treading in the surface of literature and vocabulary. I guess you can say that’s some DEEP stuff, haha. Anyone? Anyone? Nah, okay. I hope you enjoyed my post!


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  1. That deep area looks pretty scary

  2. oh mah gawd, so beautiful~

  3. Hahahahaah DEEEEEP, LOLOL

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