The white snowy wasteland

Beautiful isn’t it? SUGOI as the japanese would say. Anyway, who knew that a place like Antarctica could have breathtaking rivers like this? A beautiful turquoise flow of water exists in several places on this continent, and little did we know, other land forms reminiscent of our own exists here as well.We all know about the grand canyon right? Well now imagine this, but three times deeper and under Antarctica. Except frozen. Yep, a monstrosity like that lies under our beloved 7th continent. I really wish I could get you guys some pictures, but seeing as this was recently discovered and it’s pretty much impossible to get a picture of it, no artists have given a shot of their interpretations yet. 

Feast your eyes on these ice caves as well, they’re super cool and there are countless of them located across Antarctica, but then again, there’s not that much of an economy for tourism on Antarctica. Well that’s about it folks, I hope you enjoyed learning about another cool place!


Posted on January 14, 2014, in Travel/Places. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Looks really cool haha

  2. WOAH. literally what I said as soon as I saw this

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