Saving the world!


I had this project back in World Geography Honors, where i researched biofuels man, what a way to save the world! Have we talked about biofuels at all in this blog?  I don’t really remember, but there’s one thing for sure. I love saving the environment and scientists have recently discovered a way to make biofuel production costs by quite a bit.

Before we talk about that, we should really get down to what biofuels are. Biofuels are essentially what they sound like, fuel that is made from organic or BIOlogical matter. This can be from old cooking oil (originally came from some sort of plant), raw corn, or even algae. With this, we can stop using fossil fuels and begin to produce our own cleaner, more efficient fuels.

Now back to making it cheaper. Lignin is a polymer, which basically is a long chain of molecules, and is also a natural defense for plants against chemicals and other stuff that would break down its cell walls. Why am I talking about lignin? Well that’s because it’s the hurdle that stops scientists from developing a cheap way to produce biofuels, as it inhibits the path to retrieving the energy-full cellulose in plant matter. SO BACK TO THE PROCESS, this lignin which was notoriously expensive to remove from plant matter, has been discovered to be easily removed by soaking the plant matter in a PIL (protic ionic liquid). It’s a liquid salt which allows the cellulose to easily break apart from the lignin and BAM! We got ourselves some easily processed raw material. So in the recent future, get ready to drive a car run on CORN.

Yeah you like that? TOO BAD YOU GET CORN!

Oh yeah baby.


Posted on January 7, 2014, in Energy. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Your picture on the blog feed is distorted, you should fix that

  2. I like how you can read the enthusiasm in the words of this blog post. I could see a person exclaim and light up as they read the words.

  3. Nice blog and I like how natural your writing sounds even though it’s a bit informal, but just a quick question of mine. If a cheaper way of obtaining this bio fuel has already been discovered how come it isn’t already a regular thing?

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