The Japanese.

Boy do I love the japanese. AND THEIR PRANKS! Oh my goodness, if you haven’t watched any of this stuff yet, you should because I think that people getting the snot scared out of them is some of the most funny stuff I’ve ever seen.

Ahahaha, Its kind of like class where there’s always those few people who just have no idea what’s going on and they get called on! Oh boy, I hope I’m not sadistic. But yeah, moral of the story is, if you’re not prepared you’re gonna get scared.

It also brings me to another topic as to why we should follow some of the things that they do. For example, they are extremely innovative. While the majority being really weird and useless products, those products are the foundations of great innovation! Take a look at this.

Now I know it may be an ethical issue to some to make such a robot to mimic human behavior so closely, but it also opens up so many pathways for human advancement as well! The probability of a robot uprising is highly unlikely as robot decision making follows a strict code as opposed to the biological synapse system which has various routes and is not yet completely understood. Anyway, why is it that so many people are willing to fund war while opposing research like NASA? Eh, its just my two cents. I hope you guys have enjoyed my post! Thank you!


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