So I went to Texas last week, expecting it to be pretty different from California,  however, it turns out that much of Texas is pretty similar to the area I live in California.  I understand that there are some other rural places that are different,  but everywhere has rural areas. Other than that, it wass an awesome trip with steak, NASA, and cajun food.

I’m not really a picture-taking kind of guy, so I didn’t bring back too many great photos, however the memory of the food will always be with me. Especially the first time I ate alligator. Sounds manly right? It’s like a rich kind of meat I can’t really explain, but the portions are really small and expensive when everything else is relatively cheap and in huge portions at this restaurant.

Yep. That’s fried alligator.

NASA’s cool too. I won’t talk all that much about it because there are plenty of sources on it, but I think my favorite part was the flight simulator where I pretty much just performed several barrel rolls. Oh yeah, the Da Vinci exhibit was really cool too, with all wooden versions of stuff we use today. Bet you didn’t know he invented the ball bearing huh? Thanks, for reading! Sorry about the short and perhaps boring post, but I’m in the process of finding cool stuff!



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