Now you see me… NOW YOU DON’T????

So right now we have a few methods to help us become unseen, that being just the normal camouflage which relies on the inability of others to detect differences in the environment, and we also have a more technological advancement which projects a picture from behind to the front, therefore mimicking invisibility. HOWEVER! Scientists have become even more awesome than I thought that they could have become and have created a new method of invisibility which cancels out light itself, therefore canceling any light waves that could create an image.

Thanks to sciencedaily for this photo by the way. Sorry if its a little small. Anyway, how this works is that the device shown above hangs antennas down from the desired object and cancels out the light trying to be reflected, thus cloaking the object. Well if you don’t get that, basically, the human eyes create images by perceiving electromagnetic waves in a certain spectrum as light, which are in turn, processed into images for the brain to view. So, what the cloak does it create a thin electromagnetic field around itself, bending and canceling light as it makes contact with the field, and when the light is canceled, there is no light to create into images, therefore we cannot see anything.

Innovative right? This is the kind of stuff that gets me going and urges me to get out there and try to innovate too! Though I might not get it now, I’m still young, so I have a long way to go. Hopefully I’ll be able to create such a quality project like this for my own innovation project.


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