Live Forever Clean!

Well, ever find yourself in need of a fort to hide from that zombie apocalypse? Well look no further, not only are these houses completely sustainable, they can be made from anything you see lying around! 

Haha, just kidding. Well, just to remind you guys, I just absolutely adore anything that saves the environment and looks cool, so now we have something that fits both categories! On a more rational note, these houses are made up of several reused things such as tires, bottes, and just pretty much scrap metal. Honestly though, the more “non-reused things” there are in the house itself, the cooler the houses tend to look.  Back to the house, it incorporates tires and bottles into the architecture to create a greener structure, and also makes use of solar power to charge the electronics within.

They also just look like so much fun, don’t they? As someone who goes to normal houses all the time, I absolutely adore these cool designs that I see online, and I hope that I’ll be able to visit one soon. I hope I’ve made you guys fall in love with these amazing types of houses as much as I have! So what do you say? If you ever have the chance, save a tree, build a recycled house!



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