A real “Oh Mah Gah”

What could this be?

What is this? A mountain side? An entrance to a cave? Nope. It’s a forest inside of a cave. Two miles in.

This enormous cavern is known as the Son Doong Cave located in Vietnam. It has all the qualities of a cave, except huge, more amazing, and it comes complete with its own forest and rivers.  From what is known currently, the cave is more than five kilometers long, and other huge stalagmites and cave monuments can be found within.The cave gained its immense size due to several million years of erosion and weathering. It continues to get even larger today as the rivers flow through its caverns.

These forests have various species of insects and plant life, which is made possible due to water and sunlight coming in from a large hole at the top of one part of the cave.

So now you know where to take to for a daring vacation, and you could possibly even be the first to discover some things in there!


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